About us

Triangle Business Ltd. located in the United Kingdom is an oil products manufacturing company based on modern business principles. Our main business goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this goal through the continuous development and evolution of many various management, technology and distribution processes. Optimized personnel guarantee that no unnecessary expenditures are added to the prime cost of our products. Our staff demonstrates its effectiveness and flexibility by solving problems quickly and competently to meet the individual needs of the customer. Studying market trends ensures the product range and service we offer are in line with current technical and commercial demands.

Our latest business strategy is mainly concentrated on TB brand which is the trademark of high performance lubricants for automotive and industrial applications as well as many different care-maintenance products. The whole production process starting from the delivery of the feed-stocks up to the filling of the products is processed according to stringent quality and safety standards. Best quality base oils and additives are pumped via separate lines to the blending vessels where they are heated to the optimum production temperature and then blended according to the respective formulation. Metering of the components is monitored carefully with the help of the latest computerized technology. After blending and before the products are stored in tanks (and filled in to containers, drums or cans) they undergo comprehensive and strict quality test in the laboratory, as per ASTM standards. The material used in packaging our products, meets the highest quality, environment standards and are very cost-effective. The product details and other specifications are shown clearly on the labels of each packaging unit. TB high performance lubricants underline their high performance and high level of customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding appropriate advanced international standards, in various applications, such as internal combustion engines, gears, turbines, metalworking processes, chains, bearings, hydraulic systems of the machinery and many more.

We are an independent oil company based on stable financial platform and reliable human resources guaranteeing to offer our clients the best possible solution in the lubricating oils industry with appropriate responsibility to the environment as well as our distribution partners worldwide who know best the subtleties of their regions.