Environmental resposibility

TB Lubricants plastic cans have a classic, most eco-friendly design compared to fancy, material-wasteful designs. The structure of TB cans leads to significant savings of plastic material needed for processing. Several or even more grams saved on manufacturing one unit - results in tons of plastic waste avoided in a long-term basis and less production, transportation costs.

TB Lubricants products are manufactured, filled and packed according to strict quality control along with highest environmental safety standards. Every care is taken to ensure that no oil or other chemicals would reach the ground or water courses even under a worst-case scenario.

TB Lubricants is a producer of biodegradable products. These products are usually used in forestry, building, marine and other applications where direct contact with environment is inevitable and naturally biodegradable lubricating materials are mandatory to avoid negative impact on living beings.

TB Lubricants offer a wide range of low and ultra low viscosity motor oils. These products have significant positive effect on fuel economy and therefore reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. In addition, most of TB ELATUS engine oils contain low levels of Sulphated-Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur and are compatible with last generation exhaust gas after-treatment devices like Diesel Particle Filters (DPF) or Three Way Catalysts (TWC).